Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lil Wayne held hostage after skipping out on two Chicago after parties??

Apparently a rumor was circulating that Lil Wayne, his manager, security and others were held hostage and assaulted here in Chicago on Dec 29th at the Premier Entertainment Center. Those reports were deemed untrue as asserted by Lil Wayne’s manager.

Dynasty Records’ CEO Big Ming said some parts of the story was an exaggeration but some true. Apparently in the summer Lil Wayne was hired for the Chicago Summer Jam and after party. Wayne was paid $15,000 and didn’t show for after party. Ming tried to collect the money and failed so they organized another after party event in Dec for him to attend. Wayne and manager wanted another $7500 because Wayne was “so hot (at the time).”

In Dec representatives (is that a word for ‘thugs’?) from Ming’s Dynasty Records and The Ark Entertainment went to Wayne’s hotel and requested the money. Ming, “So, they came up with the money. “

He did admit that the situation became tense.

"Nobody really got roughed up or nothing like that," Ming said. "I mean, Wayne made over $200,000 [with] Ming's Dynasty Records over the last months. So I would think we got a good relationship, we can [continue to] have a good relationship. I hope they understand that it’s just business."

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