Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Conclusion: R.Kelly and George Daniel’s daughter--- Maxine

It seems in this world of blogging that writers of gossip, speculation and ridiculing celebrities get the most attention. The truth never garnishes the attention gossip does but I still will share what I found.

R. Kelly started noticing Maxine after her 21st birthday in April of ’07. Soon they formed a relationship where Maxine brought her sorority sister’s to his home and Kelly showered her with lavish gifts
like Gucci bags, designer dresses and much more. In order for this relationship to remain a secret Maxine lied to her father and stepmother and told them she was attending summer school. She would leave DeKalb campus to go to Kelly house on Thurs and return home on weekends.
Maxine became stressed out about lying and so she decieded to stop the relationship. Kelly stated he felt like he was being played for a fool. When approached about this relationship Kelly lied and cried to George Daniels, but eventually the truth was learned.

Maxine also told that the girl from the sex tape, Rashana is living with R.Kelly. She moved in as soon as he moved out his estranged wife, Andrea. Kelly stated that he loves
Rashana. She is 23 and has traveled on the tour bus with Kelly and Kelly’s daughter.
So my question is: if Rashana lived with Kelly while Maxine was visiting then that means all three was under the same roof at the same time? So it must have been a free for all. Wonder what that sleeping
arraignment was like?

Story facts from S2S

There is more: It seems having it all does not guarantee staying out of trouble.
DeKalb's community record states: Maxine Daniel, 20, Chicago, and Christopher J. Winters, 22, DeKalb, were arrested Dec. 10 (2006), after they turned themselves in to police. They were arrested on a warrant for unlawful use of credit card.


The E-Biz said...

not the same person ( Maxine Daniels)

LexyB said...

I believe that is her. I know about a situation which involved her pledging for AKA and a theft. I will look into this but I believe its her