Friday, March 21, 2008

Concierges at Chicago hotel tell-all and get silenced

The book, Great Reservations: Two Concierges Dish About Outrageous
Requests, Celebrity Encounters, and Guests Behaving Badly at a Luxury
about experiences being concierges at the Chicago’s Four
Season Hotel has been canceled due to the authors, Abigail Hart and
Nancy Joyce Callahan violating a confidentially agreement signed with
the hotel.

Excerpts: Madonna was polite while staying there
during the filming of "A League of Their Own" and apparently tipped one
of the concierges enough to finance her European vacation.

Diana Ross said eye contact is a no-no and the maids discovered a black, tumbleweed-like object on the floor of her room that turned out to be her wig.

For a mere 12-hour stay, assistants for Nicole Kidman shipped a set of pink, 800-thread-count Italian sheets to the hotel ahead of her visit -along with diagrams and pages of instructions on how to make the bed.

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