Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cougar shot and killed


Residents of the North Side's Roscoe Village neighborhood found out firsthand Monday when a cougar -- or mountain lion, as authorities alternately referred to it -- pawed around their neighborhood and authorities shot and killed it.

The animal, whose gender was unknown, appeared to have been healthy and well-fed. It will be examined to see if it has a chip that might lead authorities to the owner.

It was unclear whether the animal might be the same one spotted in North Chicago recently and, on Saturday, in Wilmette.

When you hear rustling in the bushes people, run!!!

To see more pictures of the
Cougar scene


T. said...

I was hoping this piece would be about someone shooting one of those overtanned, older women who cruise bars looking for young guys.

But this, though...this is tragic.

ImLudaChris said...

Thats sad :(