Saturday, April 12, 2008

Outside of the box….


Britney and R.Kelly has new do’s…. I think Brit Brit won this round. I mean really, Kelz is that a weave braid???

"Project Runway" is moving from the Bravo network to Lifetime this fall…. Speaking of Project Runway, coveted judge Nina Garcia is said to have parted with ELLE magazine

Ciara's third studio LP, has a working title of 'Fantasy Ride'. The lead single 'High Price' - featuring rapper Ludacris will be released soon....Kelly Rowland has started to work on her third album

In Sex and the City news, Jennifer Hudson recorded a new song for the movie---- , "All Dressed Up in Love," will play over the film's end credits. While Fergie recorded the film's opening number called "Labels & Love."

Pamela Anderson will star in an “observational documentary” series — tentatively titled Pamela — set to debut this summer on E! (Goodness… My girlfriends and I are just like The Hills but I guess u could call us 'the urbans'…. Can we get a show? )....Speaking of the The Hills, the girls put their differences aside to shoot the cover of Rolling Stone

British Airways has dumped Naomi Campbell for good. They have banned her for that little disturbance she caused while flying

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz confirmed their engagment.

Cedella Booker, the mother of Jamaican music legend Bob Marley, has died

Ha! Young Buck is no longer apart of G–Unit but still signed as a solo artist… speaking of 50 he is in talks to star in an upcoming independent flick titled "Spectacular Regret".

Vanilla Ice was arrested at his home after an alleged altercation with his wife

The New Miss USA--- Crystle Stewart, Miss Texas (two black women in a row.... good stuff)


Micaela said...

Kells' shit looks spray painted on, no joke.

ImLudaChris said...


R. Kelly need to stop playing!!!

He is a pure fool
He looks like one of the Golden Lords off Meteor man LOL