Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kanye & Common sued + Terrence Howard lays the smack down + Playboy

Rapper Kanye West and his record label are being sued by the daughter of a jazz musician who says he sampled her late father's music without permission for the track Gone. West used a sample of Joe Farrell's 1974 song Upon This Rock.

Firrantello, who is also suing rappers Method Man, Redman and Common (Chi City) for using portions from the same song, is seeking damages of at least $1 million and no more copies, sells, or performances of the songs.

Speaking of Common here is a new song that has leaked featuring Pharrell called, Universal Mind Control

Hugh Hefner has signed off on Downey to play him in the movie, with the working title "Playboy." Chicago is expected to be used for the shooting of scenes focusing on the early years of Playboy magazine. A Chicago native, Hefner grew up in Galewood and launched Playboy here before moving the California.

Mr Baby Wipes Howard

He says, "She's (his daughter) supposedly in love with some guy. I made her break up with him and I've threatened to kill him. I was like, you picked a green fruit from the tree that's far from ripe." And Howard ensures he keeps a tight-leash on his beloved kids - warning Aubrey she will be cut out of any future inheritance if she is not "obedient". He tells his daughter, "I've set a lot of things aside for you, but those things are only yours as long as you're obedient to me."

However, the actor has put a crafty plan into action to make sure the teenager doesn't fall back into her unsuitable relationship. He adds, "She's OK now. Though, I'm sure he's still kind of her boyfriend. This summer I'll take her off to another country where her phone won't work, and he'll start dating someone else."

Dude is it that serious? Give her the birds and the bees speech and keep it moving. Obedient?? Sounds like she's a dog....woof

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