Saturday, May 24, 2008

R. Kelly testimony: Day 2, 3, and 4


A witness said his son was in a pop group with the alleged victim and two other relatives in the late 90s, and that they had toured extensively abroad.

So I guess this is where the rumor came about that the girl was
traveling with Kelly’s choir. In the trial the witness did not say it
was with any band/choir relating to Kelly, so we push those rumors to
the side.


Sparkle (government name) - Stephanie Edwards clashed Thursday with defense lawyer Ed Genson when he accused her of testifying against R.Kelly for revenge and money.

December 2001- Sparkle received a call from a lawyer named Buddy Meyers, who wanted her to see a sex videotape that apparently featured a member of her family. An assistant showed her a tape at her apartment.
Sparkle stated she knew instantly it was her relative. Others in the family did not want to see the tape.

Aubrey Hampton, 23, said she first met the girl in the tape when they were in elementary school.
Later, they played basketball and went to high school together.
In 2001 or 2002, Hampton saw a sex tape featuring Kelly and her
She recognized her by "her face, and like some of her mannerisms, and
at one point, her voice."
Hampton’s mother also identified the alleged victim and Kelly
because she discovered and watched the tape in her daughter’s room


The jury is off BUT Kelly's attorneys have asked that state's witnesses
be charged.

Boliker did not say which witnesses the defense wants charged, or with what, but Kelly's team has repeatedly questioned this week why witnesses who had seen the sex tape at the center of the case did not contact police sooner.

So it could be Hampton’s mother, the Sun Times reporter that the tape was sent to originally, a member of the alleged victim family who is a police officer but failed to report the tape

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