Wednesday, May 21, 2008

R. Kelly testimony: Day 1 and 2

First day of testimony:
  • The 27 minute tape was shown to the jurors
  • video showed two people engaging in a variety of sex acts in a
    log-cabin themed room with a hot tub and a bearskin rug. The poorly lit
    video makes it difficult to distinguish any birthmarks or moles on theman's back when played in real time
  • jurors saw police photos that revealed a dark, caterpillar-shaped mole
    in the middle of Kelly's lower back. But defense lawyer Sam Adam Jr.
    told jurors the sex videotape at the center of the case shows a man
    without a mole.
  • A woman juror was replaced by white man in 20s. She cited economichardship.
  • doubts on the tape’s origins, noting it was not an original but a“copy of a copy of copy.”

Today May 21:

  • Simha Jamison, 24, said she met Kelly at a gym called Hoops when she
    was 12. Her friend, the allegedly underage girl, was about six months
    younger and called Kelly --"Godfather."
  • Kelly would sometimes give the girl money when they visited him
    downtown. "depending on the situation and the reason she needed it, no
    less than a hundred, no more than $500."
  • "I kind of know her like the back of my hand," Jamison said. "We got
    our hair cut the same way together. It's a mullet. Short at the top,
    long at the back," Jamison said about the alleged girl in the video.

Quotes: Sun-Times

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