Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jay-Z speaks on working with Kanye + Kanye didn't support mom's choice


Jay-Z was one of 40 New Yorkers interviewed for Time Out New York magazine:

You’re the only rapper on this list. We were considering Nas but have this 13-year rule: People on this list had to have had an impact in the last 13 years.
How about Kanye? Has he earned it yet?

Jay-Z: He’s from Chicago, but he’s close. I don’t know if he’s had that one album that’s moved the entire culture, but he’s hit it three times in a row. He’ll be on every list one day.

Are you guys really teaming up for Blueprint 3?
Jay-Z: Yeah, actually. We’re partners right now. Starsky and Hutch right now.


Kanye West didn’t want his mother to go through the cosmetic surgery procedure which killed her but decided to support her wishes. his aunt says, “it was a quick fix for her to where the dieting just wasn’t working. did kanye want it done? no. but he’s a mama’s boy and what mum wanted was what he wanted to make sure she had. and now he’s got no mum.”

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