Saturday, September 27, 2008

LisaRaye bday bash........a bust


LisaRaye bday bash went down on Tues at The Area Nightclub in LA. The celebs guest were not to bring gifts but to donate to the cause
for Turks and Caicos residents who are victims of Hurricane Ike. Well trouble is always brewing
1) no “celebs” showed up but Lisa, MC Lyte and Spinderella, Kim Porter and John Salley.
2) Lisa passed around a bucket and only $300 in donations came back…ouch

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Lynda Lippin said...

What did she really expect? First we have blog and news flurry about the divorce, the bruises, and how Misick is under heavy corruption and money embezzlement investigations (including paying LisaRaye $7 million over two years for her TCI ads modeling) and then suddenly she thinks people are going to come out in force to support a country that she has essentially separated from? Please!

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