Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eddy Curry come to Chicago to reunite with son; Nova Henry's ex details released

Eddy Curry was bracing for a wrenching reunion with his 3-year-old son Tuesday, days after the boy survived a massacre that left his mother and infant step-sister dead

Detectives have questioned Henry's ex-boyfriend, lawyer Fredrick Goings, in connection with the murders but have not charged him with a crime.

Cops picked up Goings, 36, of Chicago, after tracing his cell phone calls to a motel across the state line in Michigan City, Ind.

Henry's relatives have called Goings a violent stalker. They said the slain woman got a restraining order against him in 2006.

Goings moved in with Henry for a time - over Curry's objections - when she was trying to prove that the Knicks player was also Ava's dad, relatives said.

QUIT SAYING STEPSISTER! Ava was NOT Noah's frickin' stepsister! They have the SAME parents. He does not admit it because he has a WIFE! They made him come back to Chicago to release the baby's body! As the only surviving parent, he could only do it. Eddy needs to quit with all of the bull-sh*t, and make amends.


Anonymous said...

Amen. I'm so sick of the media trying to cover up HIS infedelity. Secondly, he should stake claims to her and both babies considering how his WIFE looks and behaves. His wife is a HOODRAT! No disrespect, but i'm keep it real. This chick always has a comb sticking out of her uncombed hair and Lord when she speaks. What's done in the dark does come to light. It's also rumored that his wife was not only unaware of the baby, which was confirmed as his months earlier, but she was also unaware of his 3 year old son. Curry is a loser!

Anonymous said...

Aside from Curry's behavior, women need be more proactive in following their instincts. I met and briefly dated Frederick Goings in 1999/2000 while he was fresh into law school at John Marshall in Chicago. He claimed to be Muslim, a mason and brother of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. He appeared to be a good listener, empathic, genuinely concerned, motivating, on the right path to success and a good provider. But with all of that being said, after two dates and several phone conversations I could sense that he could possibly be controlling and possessive! He was never disrespectful, but he would say certain things to insinuate that he wanted me to fall into this "role" and it was all too much way too soon. He would say things that made me feel in my gut he was dangerous. I remember crystal clear telling my friends, "Something's wrong with dude like he's a little crazy! I can't put my finger on it but he seems like he could turn out to be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." I ended up telling Frederick it wouldn't work and he continued to call a few times afterwards, but didn't press the issue too hard. I think he could somehow sense, that I wouldn't be a very submissive mate for him. What a bullet I dodged seriously! I would have never imagined that he would kill someone and damn sure not an innocent child. But in all honesty I could see him being abusive. Maybe not during the time I dated him, but with time and disappointment I could surely see him developing into a woman beater. It was no surprise to see that he had actually gone into a field of law that would allow him to work so closely with with women who needed help and consoling. It wasn't a surprise that he had gotten involved with a women 10 years his junior. His type would be most attracted to someone that is naive and inexperienced. My thoughts of the deepest sympathies and prayers go out to Nova and Ava. Woman take a page out of both our pages and start following your instincts and take heed to the warning signs early on....


LexyB said...

I also dated him briefly in 2007. He was still involved with Nova which I later found out. it was a weird situation with him, Nova (RIP), eddy and Fred. Fred did show evidence of violence. I can't judge and say he did it but I hope this is a lesson for all.

Miss Pretty said...

This is devastating! I hope he acknowledges his kids!