Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ron Huberman: From CTA to CPS

CTA President Ron Huberman will be the new head of the Chicago Public Schools

To critics who questioned why he had chosen someone without any education background, Daley pointed to past years when the district had been led by educators.

"It did not work for many, many years," Daley said. "The most important thing is a good quality education."

Huberman called his new appointment the most important job he has had. He credited Duncan and current chief education officer Barbara Eason-Watkins for helping turn around the schools. Huberman said she will work with him to continue efforts including raising test scores, improving attendance and increasing state funding.

Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart said in a statement that the union will work with Huberman but would have preferred an experienced educator.

One of the first issues facing Huberman is a plan to close or reorganize 22 schools.

Im going to keep quiet and watch the fallout of this disaster... oops did I just say that?

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