Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LisaRaye testified in estranged husband corruption case

This is some serious stuff….. some people are thinking Lisa will be charged in this spending spree of sorts… I hope not. It seems she was misled and made a fool of. All for image. Read her interviews with


Q. He would rent jets presumably to collect you from
an airport in the Los Angeles area?

A. Van Nuys airport in Burbank, California.

How much would it be?

A. Around 50,000 a trip.

Q. So $50,000 for a weekend essentially?

A. 50,000 one way.

Q. Right. So 50,000 one way and 50,000 going back as well?

A. Yes.

What sort of trips did you make on it?
A. All of our trips. Vacations, we took a trip to Africa
for two weeks, two and a half weeks. We would go and
visit my daughter in school in Switzerland. Milan,
Prague, LA, I was on tour doing a play, so on the
weekend the plane could come pick me up and bring me
back home and get back to the play on Sunday.
Everywhere we travelled.

Did he ever make any comment, other than the discussions
for a pre-nup, about his state of affluence?

A. There was one thing he would always say constantly: we
are rich, you don't have to work any more, I am your
stability, I am your rock.
Because I was a single
parent for 16 years, my personal struggle was kind of
hard. So he would always say: you are not alone and you
are not in this by yourself, you don't have to work any
more, what is yours is yours, what is mine is yours, we
are rich; and it is like I got it, I got it, you know?

how much would you say you were spending each
month on that card , American Express?

A. It depends on what -- how much I was travelling and what
I had to do. Let me explain. I had to change my
wardrobe, so to speak, from my Hollywood lifestyle to
the First Lady lifestyle, and so I had to, you know, get
hats and gloves and different suits and only wear white,
so I am very limited on the things that I wear. And
based on my lifestyle in California, there are things
that I wear that if I do an event, I can't wear more
than once.
I just know that one time it was $200,000 and it
probably was more than once,
but this one time he came
to me and he said: you are spending too much money; and
I said: let's go through the bill; and we went through
the bill and I had to show him, remember this is what
you told me to get for this and this was because of
that; so I had to break it down to him so he wouldn't
think that I was out just saying: let me just buy
anything and everything.

We had a contract with Warner Horizon and Lifetime
to do a reality show. They wanted to do a reality show
of -- a fish out of water type of show, celebrity turned
First Lady, think we paid maybe 100 to 150,000 for
the first couple of shoots
and we were going to sell
that to the production

We also understood that he supported a lady in Florida
who he has told the Commission is the mother of two of
his children, a lady called Mildred Rivas. I think you
were aware of that at the time?
A. Well, I was aware of this a couple of months after
I married the Premier of the first child. And then
I was looking through paperwork at home and found
the credit card and so I questioned that. I did not
know about the second child. The second child was born
a year after we were married.
and then he made aware to me that the condo that she had was in his and
her name, and then I asked him to change that and to
give that to her so she can have that.

Strictly speaking, reading this document, it makes you
jointly liable for $7.2 million with interest?
First of all, I would not sign a document of this type
of magnitude because I knew that my resources personally
could not even cover me getting in this much debt at
But if Michael would have asked me to
sign anything, I probably would not have had any problem
with signing it,
because, my goodness, I have
an in-house lawyer that I live with, so I would not
have -- and I am his wife, so I would not have thought
that he would have tricked me into signing anything.
I didn't think that my -- he would need my signature on
this because I would not -- I didn't have the money to
even do this, and certainly I have not given anyone any
of my information to even look into my financial status
to be able to apply and to get a loan.

I have a company in the States, a hair company,
wigs, weaves, ponytails, called Boogie Secrets. It is
the guy that has been doing my hair in the last 12 years
since I have been in the business, and we were opening
up a hair care company called Boogie Secrets
and Island
Beauty and actually my first model search for the young
lady was actually here in Turks & Caicos Islands at
That was an investment of 150,000 that I asked Chal
to send from that $1 million to Boogie in the States.

I can't wear things on the press-line more than once, so
I do designer stuff.

Q. If I could just ask you about that. So that people
understand it, are you suggesting that, as a consequence
of what you do for a living, there is a limit as to how
often you can use particular pieces of clothes?
A. Yes.

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