Saturday, January 12, 2008

Outside of the box….

This weeks rundown about people outside the town

Lindsay Lohen likes wild sex??..speaking of blondes Amy Winehouse is now one (pic)...Keri Hilson covers FADER mag (pic)

Bill Gates retires….. Eminem is recovering from pneumonia…. Golf Channel anchor suspended for saying “lynch [Tiger Woods] in a back alley” as a way to deal with his supremacy on the course…. Lauren and Whitney from The Hills leave Teen Vogue

Soulja Boy is the youngest artist to collect 3 million downloads…Kimora Lee Simmons shows her naked love for the doggies in new PETA ad

Flavor of Love 3 coming soon……… no I Love New York 3 (so they say)

Its baby time: Baby Zahara turned 3…Monica had a baby boy…. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden had a baby girl….. Christina Aguilera had a boy… and Jessica Alba
hates being pregnant

Top model news: Saleisha’s Seventeen magazine spread….the 10th season of the show begins Feb 20th…..someone has leaked the new girls from cycle 10 (pic)

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