Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm back!! + Chicago celebs do events

I’m officially back snitches!!!!! I had crazy fun. Saw: Danity Kane (pics later, the pics are horrible), John Legend and his BEAUTIFUL girlfriend, DJ Khaled…. Now on to the fun stuff

Kanye on NERD video shoot and performing at the Murakami Exhibition Opening at The Brooklyn Museum

Where is Alexis and WHEN are they getting married?

D Wade (with Johnny Boy) at the Art For Life event at The Bath Club

Lisa Raye at the Street Kings premiere and has a new look

Lupe Fiasco both performed at a BBC2 Music Show in London yesterday

1 comment:

ImLudaChris said...

WHy does Kanye always have on a scarf??

Oh and he's new video is hot...and he is wearing a scarf!