Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rosscoe's sued by Roscoe's

I know, I know it sounds confusing.... but I knew this was coming.

On Tuesday Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago against Rosscoe's in Chicago, alleging trademark infringement. A hearing for a temporary restraining order is
scheduled for this morning.

Beyond the name, there are other similarities:

- Both restaurants' logos feature a cartoon chicken standing in front
of a waffle.

- Both include a drink called the "Sun Rise"—orange juice and lemonade. Both have drinks called "Sunset."

- Both feature like-sounding menu items. At Roscoe's: Carol C. Special, Natalie's Special, The Stubby. At Rosscoe's: Carol's Treat, Ed Hale Special, The Saint.

Said Herb Hudson, owner and founder of Roscoe's in Los Angeles: "We'll be suing them to the hilt."

In Chicago the concept of fried chicken and buttered waffles has had a troubled history. South Side culinary expert Peter Engler noted the casualties of three such short-lived restaurants in recent years:
Antwon's Chicken and Waffles, Eat 'em Up Chicken & Waffles and Floyd's Wangs and Thangs. Where in the world was I???????

That didn't dissuade Johnson (owner of Chicago's Rosscoe's) , who closed Rosscoe's East ( in New York) in 2006 and set his sights on Chicago. But when Hudson found out Johnson was planning to open shop in Chicago, Hudson opposed it because he was planning to bring Roscoe's from Los Angeles to Chicago himself.

"I said, 'Hell, no,' " Hudson said. "You're going to mess my name up over there." Hudson said he hopes to bring Roscoe's to Chicago in 2009

Johnson said he doesn't even mind changing the name.

"I would go to Chicago's House of Chicken and Waffles. I have no problem with that. I like that name better!"

Whatever. Johnson knew what he was doing because it would generate more business. On the opening day 800 people showed up prompting them to close the restaurant five hours early. I drove pass that place for about 2 years and I noticed the name
difference. Plus the service and food is said to suck... take it how you want but it is what it is..... not Roscoe's

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